How Many Bronies Are There?

How many bronies are there?

          As you could imagine, the precise number is impossible to determine. However, there definitely are some good indicators that allow us to approximate the number. One of the best indicators is the Brony Facebook Page. This particular page has a very healthy 39,336 “likes”! It will probably take no time at all to reach 40,000 :) It’s important to note that not every Brony likes, or even uses Facebook. It also doesn’t mean that every Brony on Facebook has “liked” the page. In the end, though we can’t calculate the exact number, we do know that it is a thriving fandom that continues to grow every day!

  • Jesus Regalado

    oh there are more that just 40,000 a lot more…

  • The20percent

    Yes. In this community especially, I know that many dislike facebook. Just look at Equestria Daily’s page view count. It is nearing 190 mil…

  • Trolly Trollston

    Well, the anti brony ranks are growing too!! I wonder if there will ever be a riot between bronies and anti bronies. It would be hilarious to watch…

    BTW, the anti bronies would totally win!

    • yosef

      brony haters don’t stand a chance, they are vastly outnumbered and outclassed

      • Trolly Trollston

        Don’t call me a hater!! I’m just one of the millions of people who are annoyed as hell by ll the Bronies taking over the Internet! Seriously, stop posting all this pony bullshit on the internet! We don’t all like my little pony!

        • Sifty

          Can I say something?
          I do believe there are several types of Brony. Hyperbronies, Cloppers, people like that. Hyperbronies never shut up about the show, ever, and are always attempting to convert someone, even if they don’t want to be converted. Cloppers… I won’t even start with them.  Eeeuewugh… 
          But that doesn’t mean that every single Brony in the world is an annoying fat guy behind a computer screen. I don’t blame you for hating certain people, I understand where you’re coming from, But you still lack logic in hating ALL of us. It’s like racial segregation.

          So, dude, can you be logical? I understand that you want to be a Troll and all, but seriously, man. If you’re pissed about people talking on the Internet, are you sure you even have a real reason to BE pissed? If you want to Troll, 4chan is a URL link away. I will state my point once more- You do not have to hate the entire Brony community because of a few annoying wads of flab that constantly blabber on about the magic of friendship, alright?

          Although, I highly doubt I’ll get through to you with this.

          • Trolly Trollston

            Can you tell me where all the annoying types of bronies are on the Internet then? What websites do they post on? I want to give those assholes a piece of my mind!!!!! I still hate the brony community because they like a show for little girls even though they’re adolescent “men”. It just seems a little bit creepy to me if you know what I mean.

          • Sifty

            *sigh* I can’t tell you EXACTLY where the Cloppers and Hyperbronies are, they like to spawn in 4chan. I mean, I guess you can brutalize cloppers at R34… but… I wouldn’t go on there. It’s unhealthy for the human mind. There’s just too many. And must I explain?

            The show is not meant for little girls. It has been stated far too many times. Lauren Faust herself said that the show is a Family cartoon. FAMILY. As in, grown men, young men, little girls, older women, your granddad who used to be in ‘Nam. It’s for everyone. So what, you might not like it. But there are themes in there that all sorts of people can enjoy. In the first episode of the second season, there was a “Chocolate Rain” referance, and people caught that. You gotta realize that Bronies are getting big now. We’re in the news. Hell, We got a shout out on The Colbert Report. I can understand that the Colors and the fact that it’s My Little Pony are leading factors to it seeming girly, but there are a lot of things others can see in there. Near the end of the first episode, the main character pours herself a stiff drink, Only to realize that… it was Hot sauce. Another thing, the show teaches valuable life lessons. That’s where all that “Hippie Love and Tolerate Stuff” is coming from. We Bronies, we can control our anger and hate for the world, because we can tolerate other people. 

            Now, where is the Hate for the entire bloody community coming from? You can’t tell me that just because of a few annoyances, you have to Despise, Disrespect, and otherwise be an Ass to all of us here? Like DeftPon3 said, maybe you should actually TRY to get through a few episodes of the show. I know you say you watched an episode, but all shows open like that, dude. Instead of getting all pissy at us, how about you politely ask someone else about an Episode you ACTUALLY might like. There are plenty.

            Now tell me this- Is it worth getting pissed off at an entire, growing Sub-Culture because one fanatical pissant tried to “Assimilate you to the Herd?” Dude, it’s the Internet. If you’re getting pissed at a whole group of people because of other people that have no physical effect on how you do things in REAL LIFE, then you probably need to turn your computer off for a week or two. It’s the internet. People suck sometimes. Just let it go.

          • Trolly Trollston

            Where on 4chan, exactly, can I find hyperbronies?

          • Sifty

            Usually in /b/ where they shouldn’t belong, and on /co/ where they still shouldn’t belong. There is a part of 4chan made specifically for bronies, and thank the lord, it’s emptied of them, as far as I know. Shouldn’t be hard to find Hyperbronies. Just go anywhere that you might see a Brony thread and look for anybody Intrusive. Constant pages of Pony text, constant bumps of a Pony thread just to keep it bumped. You will not find them on here. Nor anywhere else where Serious bronies are. I don’t suggest yelling at every brony that you see. Can you do that?

          • Troll

            Yes, yes I can.

          • bronyoftruth

            If MLP: FIM is a girls show, then PPG is also one as well. Just sayin’

          • yosef

            well mate, you just proved what an intolorant asshole you are.
            first you say that bronies annoy you because they spam everywhere (not true at all, i barely stumble upon these people)
            but then in the end you admit hating us because we watch a cartoon ment for little girls.

            there your arguement has lost its value. you are just another intolrant prick who can’t accept that some people like something you don’t (and didn’teven try)
            people post ponies just like anyone else post the stuff they like.
            futurama, pokemon, TF2, CoD, adventure time, spongebob, and so much more are EVERYWHERE and spammed much harder.
            but no one cares because it’s acceptble to like that stuff.
            but a single pony post is instantly spam.

            so yeah, thanks again for demonstarting the intolorance and the ignorance of the haters.

            and for the record you are not ‘one among millions’ you are in a small little group that wastes its time trying to hate on people who cause no harm

          • Trolly Trollston

            I’ll bet there is a good number of anti bronies out there! Oh, and you misunderstood my post. I said that I was going to give the hyperbronies (the annoying type) and cloppers (eewwww) a piece of my mind. Those are the actual bronies that piss me off, not the “nice” bronies here. I hope you understand.

            BTW, you spelled intolerant wrong

        • Lex Felix Stephen

          I am a brony and I agree with that. If I search something unrelated to MLP I don’t want half of the results being ponies!

      • Neon Blu7

        I think his name might have given it away but i think he is a troll

        • Trolly Trollston

          I was a troll, but Deft Pon<3 deleted my comments, so now I just do "constructive" criticisms of the brony fad.

          Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

          • Trolly Trollston

            P.S.: I still FUCKING HATE BRONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • yosef

            well, sir are a pathetic fail troll, please get off the site

          • Trolly Trollston

            You just proved something here: bronies are a bunch of liars with all their love and tolerate crap! If someone disagrees with you, you call them a “troll” or a “hater” and tell them to GTFO! This is yet another reason why bronies piss me off!

            Oh, and next time you want to insult me, don’t do it in Engrish! It just makes it hilarious to the reader!

      • Morgosin

         XD So true, bronies do outclass the haters, its rarities influence on us.

        • Troll

          No they don’t! I’ll bet most bronies are just a bunch of girly nerds with no life and would get their asses handed to them by anti bronies in a fight. Anti bronies also have more motivation!

          • Nightwolf26

            well, I can take on every anti brony that I know just by myself so not all of us are

          • Nightwolf26

            Disregard that I sux cock

          • thunderstroke

            Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Nali

        Its accually hilarious watching people rage in TF2 when there is a brony team on the other side tagging their base and pwning with snipes. It happens all too often

  • GakELL

    i would say… roughly 10 million.  mainly due to on tumblr there has been a post being rebloged saying “reblog this if you are a brony”  and 6 million people have rebloged it.

  • Jamesdavies999

    I think know your meme did a survey on bronies who visit Equestria Daily and the numbers ran to something like 800,000.

    • warlord487

      EqD had 2 million. (FIMFiction had 1 million.)

  • yosef

    there are roughly a few million by now. don’t judge by the facebook pages…

  • Fak3onequus

    yea, i think more than 100000 bronies exist. I have 3 brony friends, noone of them likes that FB page :(

    • Fak3onequus

      lol i didnt knew there are millions of us

  • Firestonex

    brony here who doesn’t use facebook. There are at least a million or more of us around the world and growing all the time. You also have to remember that there are different levels of brony… Those that just watch the show, and then there are shades of fan experience and knowledge. There is way to much stuff out there, only a true brony knows about all of it.

  • scootaloo111

    over 709,000 people have watch episode 1 season 1 of my little pony.. so ya… alot of ppl

  • Random Brony

    A healthy 12.5 million around the globe. <—Average

  • That guy you know

    we are endless, we are all, we are one, we are legion, we are the herd

    • The Anti Brony

      But resistance is NOT futile.

      • MasterSpecter

        Nope, it’s voluntary.

        • The Anti Brony

          All fads must come to an end. Including yours.

          • MasterSpecter

            You know what? You’re absolutely right. Why, just the other day I was in a thread that pondered what would happen if the Brony fandom ended tomorrow. My best guess is that it’ll dwindle some after the show ends, then get sucked into the obscurity of history.

          • The Anti Brony

            Personally, I think that’s most likely what would happen after they cancel FiM. Then some other equally annoying fad will come in and take its place. Maybe Lauren Faust will reboot the Care Bears or some other girls’ show and it will attract a male fanbase. However, only time will tell how the brony fandom comes to an end.

  • 111134

    I heard that there is about 12 million in America, let alone the entire world, so I think there could be a good 15-20 million bronies out there, maybe more, maybe less.

  • Anonymous

    Bronies still don’t have a chance… Sooner or later Bronies would exist.

  • Derpy Hooves

    Almost all my cousins don’t believe there is even 1Million of us, this is ridiculous…

  • BronyWithGuide!

    Besides.. remember that some of us Bronies are from the military and U.S Air Force!

    • Sifty

      o7 Salute, man.

  • Dysona

    The recent estimate is near 10,000,000.

  • bubbles

    Isn’t it funny how haters still try to laugh at us. They are totally and completely outnjmbered! When I see a hater, I usually just laugh. They can’t affect me, so I won’t bother reacting to them.

  • jordan

    Bronies remind me of “juggalo’s”. You should look up the Juggalo documentary on youtube. They’re a family. Like Bronies seem to be.

  • Xander

    Recent mathematical calculations lead to roughly 500 million

    • DeKkA 6SiX

      Well, I Guess Our group of Bronies Gets bigger every day.

      • Kay

        amazing :D

        • jjj

          nope just HORSE shit from the mouths of bronies. As per usual. Nothing new.

  • Brony

    15 000 000 to 60 000 000

  • megan pitman

    i know some girls that hate me because im a brony

  • Ryan Martin

    I heard there was about 400 million worldwide

  • pinky smith

    I heard in someone’s video that 10% of the word are bronys

  • Hi!

    :/ I ain’t a brony, but I sometimes get sick of the countless ponified things I find. The good old website, I think it’s know as 4chan, (Never really use it), Memes, Videos, you name it. :/ But really besides that nothing bothers me about being a brony.

  • Me

    THERE’S OVER 9000!!! (Sorry, I had to)

  • Vegeta

    I knew someone was going to reference DBZ.

  • Vegeta

    I’m just a sucker for adorableness.

  • Vegeta

    There’s over 27,000,000 (this day aria on youtube)

    • aa abrams

      Bitch you done gone FULL FUCKING RETARD!

      You DO realized that 27,000,000 counts EVERY RE-VIEW BY THE SAME FUCKING PEOPLE! RIGHT!?!?!?!?

      >Using Jewtube as a reference to how many bronies there are in the world

      >not realizing that Jewtube (and many sites like it I.E Deviant Art count THE UPLOADERS VIEWS as well as any one that clicks on the same page more than one time and EVERY REFRESH!


      • achdharok

        hey leave him alone and stop being fucktards shit he may be wrong but dont be a dick damn if ur a brony your a terrible one at that

        • aa abrams

          Not a brony at all. Very anti in fact, but that is besides the point.
          Also the fuck a nigga like you going to do if I don’t leave him alone?


    • aa abrams

      Your a dumbfuck and trust me when I say there isn’t 27million. If there WAS 27mil then EVERYONE would know a brony in some way or form even if it was just a guy that knows a guy that is a brony.
      Also there would be so much more cancer and faggotry in the world it wouldn’t even be funny.

  • thunderheart

    Abrams. You ARE a dumb fuck. The are about 6400000000 peopl on the planet. If 27000000 were bronies it would still be a 1 to 3000 ratio (approximayely).

    • aa abrams

      I am a dumb fuck? Bitch you are another fucking retard!



      That ISN’T how many bronies there are on the whole planet earth.
      There is 1 million AT BEST on the whole planet.
      IF even that much.
      Your completely BULL- I am sorry HORSESHIT 1 to 3000 ration only exists in your fucking small as shit brain because if there was truly 1 brony to every 3k people than I should see fucking bronies all over in my city since the US would still have the largest amount of bronies.

      • fluttershy

        u-uhm p-please dont fight i-it doesnt matter h-how many of us are out t-th-there w-we exist cause we care for one another

        • thunderstroke

          Hi fluttershy!

          *hugs* /)

  • thunderheart

    The census came up with 27000000 and there are 6400000000 people so the ratio is 1 to 3000 or there abouts. You do see bronies everywhere you just dont know it dipshit. You are a yrue failure to yourself and alk those like you who are stuck riding the bus with 2 windows. (You poor bastard.)

    • aa abrams

      WOW just wow. I am a poor bastard when here you are making up HORSESHIT to try to bolster you BS logic.
      There is no fucking brony census for bronies. IFTHERE WAS SUCH A CENSUS THEN DO PLEASE PROVIDE LEGITIMATE PROOF OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Because I can pull numbers out of my ass just as easily as you.
      “There is exactly one dipship talking to me right now but 90% of all bronies believe in this bullshit logic since they are all fucking shortbus faggots!”
      See it is easy and fun to make up numbers and bullshit.
      And NO GENIUS I don’t see bronies everywhere. If you see them everywhere clearly you are more delusional than originally expected. Only bronies believe in their own delusions of grandeur since they can’t accept the reality they are FUCKING WATCHING A SHITTY LITTLE GIRLS SHOW ALL BECAUSE THE CREATOR WHO DIDN’T EVEN CREATE THE FUCKING SHOW BUT ONLY RE-VAMPED IT SAID IT WASN’T FOR LITTLE GIRLS!
      So how am I a failure when it is fuckers like you who can’t accept the sad truth they are just lonely pieces of shit that will never be accepted by society?

  • Dimitri veskyusha

    What if the brony community never dies but instead grows more and more sooner or late when we start having.colonies on other planets… there would be an empire founded by bronies :)